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"44Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?
Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me." Matthew 25:44-45


1) Breakfast: One Chapati costs $ 0.20 as well as a cup of tea costs $ 0.20 and one Mandazi costs $ 0.10 this is the cheapest hotel in Kenya.

2) Lunch: rice and meat costs $ 1.20 while rice and Irish potatoes costs $ 1.00 in the cheapest hotel in Kenya.

3) Supper: Ugali and vegetables costs $ 1.00 and Uganda and beef this costs $ 1.50 this is for the cheapest hotel in Kenya.
Would you like to sponsor an orphan by providing only Lunch for him or her??? This is approximately $ 30.

However, these orphans need care like other children. They need three meals per day, they need Education, they need clothes, shoes etc. The monthly expenses of an orphan is not less than $ 50

  The video below shows work done; where we got street children, orphans and oppressed children. This was the year 2014 the  kids had lacked basic needs food, shelter, clothing, and Education. It was to our surprise that all the kids had one meal per day, only supper that was found in dust bins or borrowed on street. Some of the orphans had been oppressed by their relatives following the death of their parents!

See how these orphans and oppressed children were brought from. some were from streets, some had been rejected, some were from slums, some were from poor background, some had neither mothers nor fathers.
However, these pictures were of the year 2014 at the start of helping orphans.

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  The pictures below show  the state of orphans in the year 2014, but now, they have grown many are now above 18 years old, Some are now in secondary schools, some have completed secondary schools, some are in colleges, some of them found their relatives, and majority are still learning in Hope and and light academy.

Purity Nafula

She was born on 10th/July/2004

 John Simiyu

He was born on 20th/May/1998

 Roney Wekesa

He was born on 10th/October/2005

David Erukudi

He was born on 17th/August/2001

Dorcas Nafula

She was born on 16/ September/1998.

Elvis Wasike

He was born on 9th/April/2005

Faith Masulia

She was born on 29th/May/2010

Marion chelagat

She was born on 24th/December/2009

Kevin Nato born on March 10, 1995

 John Ongake

He was born on 1st/September/2006.

 Margaret Mukenya

She was born on 12th/April/2005

Marion Nanchama

She was born on 21st/February/2009

 Elda Nekesa

She was born on 17/ June/2006

Milka Nangila

She was born on 14/ May/2010

Nancy Nasimiyu

She was born on 14/January/1999

Marion Simiyu born on July 1, 2007

Eli Ochon

He was born on 03/August/2003

Pawel NATO born on 15th May 2005

Ann Naliakaborn on 10/ February/1999

Pius Elila

He was born on 30th/August/2003

Sheila Naliaka

She was born on 25th/May/2004

Ziporah Nekesa


Purity Akungwi

She was born on 7th/April/2003

Samuel Baraka

He was born on 28th/May/2012

The pictures below prove the work done in Hope's house Kenya. The orphans and oppressed children have grown, especially the ones we started supporting them from the year 2014. Some are in secondary schools, some in universities and colleges.

We have  a total of 65 orphaned and oppressed children cared in our institutions, since the year 2014. However, some are now in Universities, some in colleges, some in high schools, some in our primary school, Hope and light academy and some stay permanently in Hope's house Kenya children's home. We have more than 100 orphans who still need our care but we are lacking enough resources. Would you like to help an orphan get basic needs? It is $ 50 per month that can help an orphan meet basic needs and remain little for clothes and school necessarily things.

The pictures below are the orphans and oppressed children that are cared by Hope's house Kenya through Hope and light academy. They have uniforms, food, shelter and Education.

Sara Nafula born on 26th August 2011
Dorcas Chepkwemboi born on 20th March/ 2015
Eli Kiplagat was born on 10th November 2010
Precious Neema born on 20th April 2010

Michelle Juma

 born on 10 June 2006
Hope Wanjiru  was born on 19th August 2006

Anastancia Majuma born on 18th August  2005

Francis Mbati. The boy was born on 8th April 2007

Pawel Nato born on 15th May 2005
Ivonne Nafula was born on 1st May/2005

Sheila Naliaka

She was born on 25th/May/2004
Miriam Chepkoech was born on 4th/Octo/2007
Dominic Lorot was born on 30th April 2006

John Lemota was born on 3rd March 2008

Emmanuel Baron was born on 13th February/ 2009
Naomi Nyongesa

. She was born on 6th March 2012

Daniel  Wafula born on 10th September 2015

Elda Nekesa

She was born on 17/ June/2006

 Josphine Moraa born on 5 February /2003

Stellah Imani

She was born on 13th May 2007

Ann Simiyu was born on 24th/ May/2008

                                                                                   THE PICTURES BELOW ARE ORPHANS WHO GOT THEIR RELATIVES
David Wafula was born on 11th April 2003
Florence Andisi  she was born on 6th /Feb/2003

 Elvis Wasike

He was born on 9th/April/2005

Purity Nafula

She was born on 10th/July/2004was

Margaret Mukenya

born on 12th/April/2005



Taking a child in a secondary school here in Kenya is very expressive. The school fees minus student's expenses range from $ 350 (35,000 Ksh) to $ 1,000 (100,000 Ksh) per year. This depends with the calling letter where the student is admitted. Would you really love to help one of these kids to join a secondary school? Our prayer is for us to own a secondary school; we shall be admitting our children to proceed with high school softly.

Margaret Nyapin was born on 04/ 10/ 2004

 Elisha Gilbert born on 25/ May/2003

 Charles Wamalwa

He was born on 1st/May/2005
Tabitha Nelima She was born on 17th / 09/ 2003

Vallary Shativa was born on 15th December 2002

We added more orphans and oppressed children on 13th November 2019, these are the ones near the school. However, the community is so happy how the school is reaching out to help the children. However, the school has the vision to use it's resources possible to uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the young generation.
Ben Bahati born 25th March 2015
Francis Emodoi 9th September 2006,
Ann Cindy

Meshark Kipkemboi

9th June 2006

Elvis Kipkoech 10th September 2013

Judith Nafula 29th March 2015
Joy Moraa 21st April 2009,

Viola Chepkurui  10th April 2012

Aaron Erukudi  9th February 2011


$ 1=98 Kenyan shillings.

$1.00 can buy two loaves of bread (though they both cost 100 Kenya shillings)

$ 5.00 can buy the cheapest clothe for the orphan

$ 10.00 can buy a pair of shoes for the orphan

A child in a poor family in Kenya uses $0.60 to $ 0.70 per day while an average living child can use $ 1.00 to  $1.50 Let us care our children with $ 1.00 per day each for a month it will be $ 30.00 or $ 31.00 this is without some other basic needs like clothing and Education.

God’s purpose to humankind is for them to have life and more abundantly. The devil is working hard to derail the plans of God. This is why we have orphaned children, abandoned, street children and so on.

A person can spend many $$ on leisure and worldly lusts than helping the oppressed child.

When it comes on giving side, many questions are raised to why? And for what? The Kingdom of God is far different from the man’s thinking power.

But it is wise to hear the soft voice of God that speaks to you politely. Then God will bless you as He blesses a cheerful giver.